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I’ve packed up my recording gear and head down Cape May, NJ to lay down basic tracks at the empty Shore house.

I got this idea because tracking at my house became impossible. Too noisy for the type of recording I’m doing.

So, I blocked out 2 days (this Tuesday and Wednesday) to head to the Shore before the busy season starts down there.  No one will be at the house except for me, my gear and my guitars.   Having grown up 20 minutes from the ocean on the Southern Shore of Long Island has ingrained in me a sense of peace when I’m near the shore…When I was a kid, if ever I had feelings of doubt or frustration….I’d take a drive down to the beach…and is usually did the trick…anytime of year.


I plan on driving down early Tuesday Morning, set up the “studio” in the house….grab some lunch, walk the on the beach for as long as it takes to shake off any and all negativity still hanging on me from the daily grind…and once I’m clear, I’ll head back to the house and roll tape.  I’m so excited to get these tracks down!!!!


*UPDATED*  Unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes and I was unable to get down to the Shore house to record…but have no fear…I’m rescheduling in the next week or so. This EP is getting recorded, Dammit!