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I’m excited to announce that I have blocked off 2 days in May to begin tracking for my next official recorded release.

This will be a 4 song EP.



If you’ve found this page, and you’re reading this..that probably means you know me, you’ve already heard my music and to some extent we’re friends.  So here I am, Greg Jones…your friend, asking for help. Don’t be afraid!!! I’m not asking for money!! All I ask is that if you like my EP once it’s released, if you could ask one of your friends to listen to it too…preferably someone who doesn’t know me already…and ask them to do the same for their friends.  You see, in this day and age…there are no “record deals”.  There are no “record companies”. The business has changed so drastically that Artists must truly rely on “fans” to survive.  Won’t you join me and help elevate my music career so I can continue making music for you to enjoy?  I’ll keep updating the website with progress on this process…I love you.