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Hey kids! I need to get something across to the masses as much as possible…and I guess this might be the best way.

1st and foremost, While I’m performing out live…Please believe me when I say I LOVE GETTING MY PICTURE TAKEN!!! I LOVE HAVING YOU TAKE VIDEO CLIPS OF ME!!!! I’ve been noticing a lot of people lately taking pics and video of me while I’m playing…I’m humbled, flattered and excited by this like you would not believe. The only thing I ask in return is that if you post this content to social media at all,  Please TAG me in the picture. I am a firm believer in the power of social media and the internet. I have to believe that if you’re inspired enough in that moment to take my picture or a clip of me playing, that you believe in me enough that you’d love to help me succeed. That’s where you come in.  A simple TAG goes a log way. It spreads the joy..puts me in front of your Social Media Networks…as well as mine.  Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd….Let’s build this together!!! Thanks so much for the continued support…and snap away!!! Cheers!